onsdag 17 december 2008

Kudos to Bombay's Taj Mahal

I have once earlier commented on great advertisement copy in my favourite news magazine The Economist. Now it is time again.

This time because of the great ad that the Taj Mahal hotel in Bombay paid for in last weeks The Economist.

Not only was the ad low-key, dignified and compassionate. It was also a statement for the spirit of India. A statement that felt genuine.

As a Finlander I do not know how Indian readers of The Economist felt when they saw the ad.

But I would feel very proud.

I would not only feel proud over India and the Taj Mahal. I would also be very proud over the copywriter that helped the hotel management formulate their message.

We copywriters work anonymously behind the scenes (while we sometimes dream of having the pleasure of signing our work). Therefore I have no clue who wrote this copy. But if you know, do let me know. Or at least pass on my kudos to her or him.

Well, here comes the ad:

(Click on me)

And a final comment, so that the hotel management will sigh of relief: Yes, as a reader I really want to visit the Taj Mahal after reading the advertisement. I bet you will get value for your money.

Good luck!

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