torsdag 27 mars 2008

Running Kathmandu styleee

Ever since we arrived in Kathmandu, I've tried to figure out if running is possible in this city. I have now got the answer.

Let’s be honest, Kathmandu is not a runner’s paradise. The air is bad, street dogs get crazy in the night and the streets are anyway in bad condition. Not to mention the traffic.

At a first glance, joggers seem to be confined to the boring treadmills at the gym.

But all hope is not lost. Far from.

Already back in Helsinki I noticed that the Himalayan Hash House Harriers roam the Kathmandu valley. I haven’t yet knocked on their door but it will happen any Saturday soon. My expectations are high.

Another choice is of course to out of town by yourself and do run closer to the Nepalese nature (who doesn’t like the sound of that?).

But, I’ve been advised not to run by myself and that sounds like a good idea. Not only for security reasons, but also because I don’t want to find myself jogging into India or Tibet. Info signs are virtually non-existing here.

The solution is of course to hook up with a running mate that knows the area. Or, if you are the new kid on the block as I am, pay a guide.

Now I can’t vouch for all trekking guides in Nepal. But the two guys I’ve met from Nepal Mountain Trekking Ltd have both been great runners.

Ramesh Chandra was the guide who took us for our first day hike around Sankhu. He is not only one of the nicest guys I’ve met here, but also the fittest. Ramesh runs ultra marathons around Annapurna. Pretty much says it all.

Then a couple of weeks ago a group of us went for a relaxing Sunday hike in Nagarjun Forest, just north-east of Kathmandu. After walking up to the top, having a good lunch and enjoying the view from Jamacho Peak, it was time to start the walk down. I just had too much energy in me so I started a light run ahead of the others.

Soon Takman Rai, one of our two guides for the day, caught up with me and took the lead. That gave me a good opportunity to shoot some poor quality video with my little camera.

I’ve now realized that running in Kathmandu is not only possible but also very fun.

Oh, a final piece of advice: Don't be one of those a cocky morons who believe they are Superman and can run in heavy hiking boots.

Just take my word for it…

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stefan sa...

The Blair Witch Project Kathmandu.

Anonym sa...

you should've given the camera to the guide...